No Art Yet
Basic Info
Other Names None
Appearances St. Abraham
Health Low
Locations Boiler Room

Storage Room Sewer Dark Lobby

Attack Methods Strangle

Wallsnatchers are weak monsters encountered in St. Abraham. They are the representation of Jay's mind being "stuck in one place", constantly fixed on his guilt. They are first encountered in the Boiler Room.


Wallsnatcher resemble bloody, mutilated corpses that have been somehow fused to the wall, their flesh becoming "one with the wall". They have two long bloody arms with human hands, complete with jagged bloody nails. Their faces are completely encased by blood-stained bandages, similar to a mummy.


Being fused to the wall, the Wallsnatcher can only remain in one spot, hoping for Jay Donovan to come near. If Jay gets too close, the Wallsnatcher will attempt to grab him. If the Wallsnatcher grabs Jay, it will begin to strangle him with both hands, after which it pushes him backwards.

Wallsnatchers are rarely encountered on their own; they are usually found in small groups so as to create a more threatening obstacle.

St. AbrahamEdit

The Wallsnatcher is first encountered in the Boiler Room. It can later be found in the Storage Room, the Sewer, and the Dark Lobby.


They are the representation of Jay's mind being "stuck in one place", constantly fixed on his guilt. Their covered faces represent Jay's "mysterious past", because at the beginning of the game, Jay wakes up with amnesia and can't remember why he's in the hospital. Their heavily mutilated torsos represent the brutality of the crime Jay has commited.

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